Cecilia Jaime

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Cecilia Jaime (1962) is an Argentinian – Belgian visual artist based in Ghent, Belgium. She graduated in the Master in Fine Arts, with specialization in Painting , by the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Tucumán, Argentina, in 1987. She worked on the project “ Surco”, an experiment of art in Nature, at the Northwest of the Argentinian Andes. From 1985 to 1987 she was an assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Art at the same University. In 1988 she received the prestigious Grant from the National Arts Funds in Buenos Aires. From 2012 she runs Cecilia Jaime Gallery in Gent, Belgium and is art consultant for important collections.

Since 1989 she lives in Belgium. In de period of 2003-2006 she worked in a social artistic project: “Scratch”, from the Fine Arts Museum in Ghent. She also gave workshops at S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst- Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art),Ghent. She has given Master classes in painting and drawing in Ghent (2006-2009). From 2006 till today she is a resident artist at Nucleo vzw ( Belgium). From 2008 she follows the Sculpture specialty at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Ghent, Belgium. She also has been a consultant artist for the architects studio of Bob Van Reeth, in 2010 and 2014. She has presented her work in numerous international projects in Latin America and Europe: group exhibitions, solo shows, art fairs, in several cultural centers, museums, events and public spaces. Her Works are in collections in Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany.

International projects and exhibitions are: Splav Meduze -Curator Marko Stamenkovic at the Center of Contemporary Art, Celje (2009) Slovenia; De Collectie – Curator Philippe van Cauteren, Director of the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent; CC TEN NOYE, solo show, Brussels (2010). Her video-performance ‘Desierto de los olvidos’ was presented at the LAKMA Museum, in The Netherlands (2011). She has shown her works in an installation with photography, sculptures, video and paintings, ‘Stills and Movements’, at the Caermersklooster in Ghent; The group exhibition De Connectie – Curators A.Quireyns, for Air Antwerpen, and F. De Preester, in Gent (2011). She has been invited to join the Artwiki of the Open Call project of the 7th Berlin Biennale (2012), with Curator Artur Zmijewski and Associate Curator Joanna Warsza. Other important group exhibititons at Flemish Parliament Brussels Administration/Embassy of Argentina (2013),”Marina Art” at the University of Ghent , Fort Napoleon, Oostende (2013), Museum Dhondt -Dhaenens Auction Paddle8 & Christie’s (2014) at Deurle, “Someone like you” , Galerie Hommes Rotterdam (2014). BAD (Belgian Art and Design) , K.V.D.M at Zebrastraat Kunstplataform 2016. Solo Show paintings and sculptures at Cecilia Jaime Gallery and Solo Show at Kasteel Claeys Boüuaert,Gent 2017.’Gardens’,Solo Show at Cecilia Jaime Gallery 2018. ‘On the Move’, Group show Blanco,2018.Group show Cecilia Jaime Gallery Gent 2018.Solo Show BAD Belgian Art & Design,Gent 2019. 2020 Solo Show BLANCO Gent relocated in Cecilia Jaime Gallery(Corona Pandemie). SUMMER CAMP #6.OPEN STUDIOS NUCLEO 2020. #online open studio’s Nucleo 2021- ARGHENT GROUPSHOW AT SMAK GENT / curator Ben Benaouisse-2021-Solo Show Galerie Latuvu Bages,France.


2022- Solo Show I wish I was there – Blanco – Gent

2021- (July /August) Solo Show Cecilia Jaime , Galerie Latuvu, Bages, France

2020-Solo Show Cecilia Jaime- BLANCO, (moved to Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent due to Corona measures)

2019-Solo presentation in BAD/ Belgian Art & Design/ Gent

2018- Solo show Cecilia Jaime , Kastleel Claeys-Bouuaert , Gent. Ambassade of Argentine & City of Ghent

2018 -Solo Show Gardens – Cecilia Jaime Gallery- Gent

2017- Solo Show /Cecilia Jaime Paintings & Sculptures / Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2013 – Face to Face – Cecilia Jaime Gallery opening Speech Annelies Storms, Schepen van Cultuur, Gent.

2011 – Stills & Movements#Cecilia Jaime-Sculptures/Paintings/videoinstallatie Caermerklooster-Gent / Opening Speech : Frank Beke

2010 – Summer Show Sculpture /Paintings-Cecilia Jaime Art Space -Gent

2010 – CC Ten Noye-Brussel

2009 –  YEUNG – Paintings Cecilia Jaime – 9000 Gent

2007 – Zebrastraat Meeting Point – Ghent; Ambassade van Argentinië

2005 – Art Cube – Finale evenemets / Eskimo – Ghent.

2005 – Open atelierdag – Nucleo – Ghent

2004 – Open Atelier-Nucleo KunstLaB – Ghent

2003 – ‘Open keukens’ (open studios) SMAK Ghent.

2002 – Gallery Charivari – Knokke-Zoute.

2001 – ‘Shadows & Impressions’ – Gallery ‘Even Aarde’ in Ghent.

2000 – Galerie Charivari – Knokke-Zoute.

1999 – Royal Ballet of Flanders – Theater ‘t Eilandje in Antwerp – Argentinean Embassy

1999 – Lugano – Switzerland.

1999 – ‘Labyrinth of Impressions II’ in Gallery Kaliria – Argentinean Embassy – The Hague, The Netherlands.

1998 – Décor of ´De Vrouwen Decameron` (The Decameron Women) a.o. in the Raamtheater in Antwerp.

1997 – ‘Labyrinth of Impressions’ in the Cultural Centre Luchtbal in Antwerp.

1997 – ‘Tonino Art Gallery’ in Campine d’Italia – Italy.

1996  – Lineart Gallery Depypere Ghent.

1996 –  Installation ‘Labyrinth of Impressions’ in the ‘Kopergieterij’ / ‘Speeltheater’ in Ghent.

1995 – Brewery Caermersklooster in the ‘Patershol’ in Ghent – Argentinean Embassy.

1994 – Espace Leopold Senghor in the C.C. Etterbeek in Brussels – Argentinean Embassy.

1994 – Atelier 169 in Ghent – Argentinean Embassy.

1993 – Gallery Paradox in Ghent – Argentinean Embassy.

1993 – Cactus in Bruges.

1993 – ’Winter in Watou’ in Watou – Argentinean Embassy.




2020- OPEN STUDIO NUCLEO ATELIER, Lindenlei 38, Ghent

2020- SUMMER CAMP #6 – Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2019- Groepstentoonstelling Wintershow Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2019- Open atelier Lindenlei,Gent

2019- Groepstetoonstelling BL SALON- Beginhof Ter Hoye, Gent

2018/2019- Group show At Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2018- On the Move – Group show at BLANCO, Gent

2017- Winter Show, Cecilia Jaime Gallery: Koen Meersman, Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker , Kevin Vanwonterghem, Luc Rogiest, Juanan Soria, Cecilia Jaime.

2017- SUMMER CAMP Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2016 – Wintershow, Cecilia Jaime Gallery: Koen Meersman, Anita Nevens, Kevin Vanwonterghem, Juanan Soria, Saar de Buysere, Valery Vermeulen, Dominiek Colpaert,Luc Rogiest

2016- SUMMER CAMP Cecilia Jaime Gallery

2016 – Open atelier Nucleo, Lindelei 38, Gent.

2016- K.V.D.M (kunstenaar van de maand) Kunstplatform in Zebrastraat, Gent

2016- BAD (Belgium Art and Design), Eskimofabriek, Gent

2016- Wintershow, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Gent

2015- IMAGINE DUO SHOW CECILIA JAIME & LUC ROGIEST- Cecilia Jaime Gallery – Gent

2015- Summer Camp # 2, Cecilia Jaime Gallery,

2015 Tumult#3 Gent.

2014 Someone Like You – Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam. Met Cecilia Jaime, Helen Schröder, Astrid De Pauw. Opening speech door Etienne Boileau.

2014 Open Atelier Nucleo, Lindelei, Gent.

2014 Tumult #2 Gent.

2013 – MARINE ART – Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Gent ism. Universiteit Gent, UFO, Gent / Fort Napoleon, Oostende

2013 – PUENTES – Vlaams Parlement ism. Argentijnse Ambassade, curator Gustavo Vásquez Ocampo, Boudewijngebouw, Brussel

2012 – WE ARE HERE-Cecilia Jaime Gallery: De Poortere- Rabaut, Peter Van Eyck,Saar De Buysere, Cecilia Jaime, Hector Boetto, Ann Leers. With the presens of the Ambassador of Argentina in Belgium, and de Mayor of the City of Ghent.

2012 – Invited artist to join ArtWiki/Open Call Project of the 7th Berlin Biennale

2011- Project De Connectie ,Nucleo – Curators: Alan Quireyns (Art Dir.www.airantwerpen.be) – Frederik de Preester.

2010 – DE COLLECTIE- curator Philippe Van Cauteren(SMAK) Gent.

2010 – Open atelier Nucleo, Gent.

2009 Heart/thinkers- Gruut, Gent.

2009 – SPLAV MEDUZE Celje, Slovenia/ Curator Marko Stamenkovic

Participants: HOSTS, GUESTS & GHOSTS

Some artists: Robbrecht Desmet,(B), Andy Wauman (B), Assaf Grüber (IL), Herman Asselberghs

2009 – Omtrent Handen/sculptures Museum PC Dr.Guislain, Gent.

2008 – “Trends 2008” – Sint-Barbara kerk, Gent

2008 – Gallerie von Kraft – Knokke

2006 – Trends Sint-Barbara kerk + Kunstproject met Luc Tuymans

2006 – Open-atelier-dag Leopoldskazerne – Ghent

2006 – Scratch-worshops-Museum voor Schoen Kunsten – Ghent

2006 – Gallerij Xi – Ghent

2005 – Scratch-Workshop – Museum voor Schone Kunsten – Ghent

2005 – Gallery Von Kraft – Knokke Zoute -België

2004 – Arte Latinoamericano – Argentinean Embassy – Central Library – Catholic University Leuven.

2004 – Artistic project ‘Scratch’ (workshops)- Museum of Fine Arts – Ghent .

2003 – Artistic project ‘Scratch’ (workshops)- Museum of Fine Arts – Ghent.

2003 – ‘Open keukens’ (open studios) SMAK Ghent.

2002 – ‘Trends’ – Sint-Barbara Kerk , Ghent

2000 –  Volkshuis – Ghent.

2000 – ‘Tegendraads’- Gallery ‘Even Aarde’ – Avelgem.

2000 – Ham International – Castle of the Counts in Ghent.

1999 – Group Exhibition – Gallery Kaliria – Argentinean Embassy – The Hague, The Netherlands.

1998 – ‘De Muren Weten Ervan II’ (The Walls Know II)- Museum of Folklore – Ghent.

1998 – ‘Argentina tres miradas’-Galerie d’art Vivana Grandi in Brussels – Argentinean Embassy.

1998 – Lineart International Art Fair 20th century Ghent.

1997  – Lentesalon (Spring fair)- Kuurne.

1996 – Cultural Centre Gildhof in Tielt.

1996 – Lineart International Art Fair 20th century Ghent.

1995 – Gallery Depypere in Kuurne.

1995 – Kleurdag’95 (Day of Colour) – Domain Maestelde-Kuurne.

1995 – Gallery Ludwine Fieux in Bissegem.

1995 – Winter in Watou- Gallery Depypere Watou.

1995 – Cultural Centre Merksem – Antwerp.

1992 – Regard Sur la Peinture Argentine Contemporaine- Cultural Centre Etterbeek-Argentinean Embassy – Brussels

1990 – Gallery ‘Sculptueel’ (`Sculptural´) in Evergem.

ARGENTINA : 1983-1988

Numerous Exhibitions in Tucumán and in Buenos Aires.

Member of the Jury for the Concours Diner Club – Tucumán.

Together with other artists she founded the group Surco (“furrow”)

(Art works in the “Valles Calchaquíes” mountains).

Mural in the Avellaneda library.