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Works by Anita Nevens are multi-disciplinary, ranging from furniture, sculpture, and collage, to performative installations and poetry. They are an investigation into forms of dwelling with paths that lead inside and outside the physical as well as the mental world. The models as well as the full-scale objects, together with collages become some sort of symbol or tool on a journey towards home and world. The concept of furniture, being “mobile” and “immobile” has the exact qualities to support us on these journeys. Furniture is a place (immobile) for the body and a moveable object (mobile) at the same time, allowing us to rest while on the move and to travel (in the mind) while being at rest.

On another level these works touch upon the emotions of attachment and detachment, while trying to offer strategies to deal with them. The obstacles of the mind {mountains of the soul} transformed into islands, mobile architectures, tables and chairs are metaphors for a world of possibilities, or attempts to alter their borders, questioning today’s ways of claiming space.


Anita Nevens (17 July 1968, Asse) obtained a Master of Arts, Architecture and Design at the Fontys Hogescholen, Tilburg & De Montford, Leicester (UK) after studies in Interior Architecture & Stage Design at Sint-Lucas Brussels (BE).  She is currently a part-time lecturer at LUCA, School of Arts, (Interior Design) and sometimes visiting professor at LUCA faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven. From 2006 - 2013 she lived and worked in Singapore where she also was a lecturer at LaSalle, College of the Arts. After having moved for 17 times, she now resides in Nederhasselt, Belgium.




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