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Gertjan Biasino is a young multi-medial  artist who is always looking at his work as a  synergy between film and other media. During his studies of Audiovisual Arts at Sint-Lukas in Brussels, he has already made headlines with remarkable and original fusion of installations and  performances. With simultaneously compelling and poetic power he confronts spectators with the limitations inherent to human perception, and he shows that what we see and experience is always driven by a host (external) factors. In his work he manages to reconcile the eccentric with the accessible, which makes possible  to different kind of audience to easily penetrate in the particular and original universe that his performances and installations evoke.


In Biasino’s work, scientific research and experimentation are fundamental. In his last installation “Nr.11:B”, recently exhibited in the Cecilia Jaime Gallery, he researched and showed how to implement dark adaptation (adaptation that goes through the eye in darkness).


Biasinos work has been shown in different places in Belgium, Holland, and England (including Oerolfestival, Turnhout 2012, M-idzomer, Villanova, Tempting Failure).




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