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Dr. Valery Vermeulen is a Belgian multi-medial artist, electronic musician, producer, mathematician and lecture teacher at the Erasmus University College in Brussels.


In 2001 he obtained a doctorate in pure mathematic at the Ghent University in the domain of the algebraic theory groups. Between 2001 and 2005, Vermeulen became associated researcher at the Institute for Pschychoacoustica and Electronic Music (IPEM, Ghent University), where he examined in detail the link between music and emotions. At the same time he began writing and recording music in his own  studio. Valery so started his production with the subsidy of the EMO-Synth project (, focusing his research in the domain of interactive multimedia systems, in which the generation of sounds and images is automatically controlled by the emotional response of the viewer.


With the Krystal Ball project Vermeulen’s work lays on the mechanisms that base the roots of the financial crisis,using stochastic and arithmetic sounds and techniques of image generations, that revoke the work of Xenakis and the interactive systems. Since 2004 Vermeulen has been working as artist, creating different multi-medial and interactive installations, where the main topic is the interaction between human and machine. In his recent project Mikromedas, shown in Zebrastraat and in Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Valery used the data from the outer and deep space, as principal components for his compostions of electronic music.


Vermeulen's installations and performances, exhibited in Belgium and abroad, show and include various themes, such as affective computing, generative art, biofeedback, artificial intelligence and econometrics.


Valery is involved in various activities. He collaborates with the American organization TEDxFlanders (TEDx, Antwerp), he takes part to numerous international electronic music festival, and he has exposed in different museums, as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (MHKA). In addition to his carreer as media artist, Vermeulen is also statistical expert and consultant in the domain of applied mathematics, and more recently, he teaches recording and music production at the Cosnservatory of Gent.




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